Making Friends is an Art

32 Pages - Softcover $10.95

Friendships are very important to our emotional health, and the lack of friends can have a huge impact on a child. Children who struggle with making and keeping friends often experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. They are also more likely to get into trouble and drop out of school.

To a child, having even just one good friend can make a huge difference. Research shows it is not the quantity of friends children have that matters, it’s the quality of even one or two good relationships. In Making Friends is an Art, children learn how become better at making and keeping friends by teaching three basic social skills:

  • How to break the ice with kids they haven’t met before.
  • How to act positively with others.
  • How to manage conflict constructively.

Making Friends is an Art is part of the BEST ME I Can Be! series from the Boys Town Press. The series teaches social skills to children so that home life is happier and school is more successful. Tips for parents and educators on how to teach and reinforce the skills are included.